About Sheeba Abraham

I am a Freelance WordPress and CRAFT CMS Developer. I have been exclusively developing WordPress sites since Aug-2013. Prior to that, I have 18+ years of prior IT experience (Production support and development). The Production support and UNIX/C development experience helped me accomplish the client’s requirements promptly.

I will build you a modern effective website that can easily be revised, edited, and updated by you through the excellent WordPress user interface.

What I work on :
– Theme Development (from scratch and existing theme changes)
– Landing Pages
– Adding specific features (slider, email subscription )
– Site maintenance
– Bug fixing
– WordPress core/theme/plugin updates.
– Debugging & optimizing slow WordPress sites.
– Setting up site backup,
– Securing the site against brute attacks.
– Social Media Setup

Working with WordPress Community

I also was a  co-organizer at do_action Pune 2018, 2017 Pune WC, and the 2015 Pune WC.  (More on WordCamp here  WordCamp.)

From Aug 2013, I have been Freelancing on my own, except for from  Aug 2016 – Apr 2017, during that period I worked as   Lead WordPress Engineer at Yapapaya.

How did I start working on WordPress?

I started my 15 yrs of IT experience as a Developer in Pro *C, moved into UNIX and network programming. Moved up from a Technical Lead to a project manager in the next 10 yrs.
On 23-Aug-2013 I finally took the plunge… one of the important decisions in my life (others being getting married and having my two wonderful kids). I decided to quit and get into freelancing.

As part of my learning process as a freelancer, I have enhanced my technical skills by learning HTML, CSS, PHP, and SEO. I learning every single day, meeting loads of WordPress experts at meetups and improving myself along the way.

More About Sheeba

This journey has been difficult, to begin with, but with the never-ending support of my family and friends  …It’s been a cakewalk 🙂

Important Links and Tweets that I have earned whilst working on WordPress

My journey into and around the WordPress world is present here