How to change WhatsApp number ?

How to change WhatsApp number? Is it easy ? Is it worth the efforts? Definitely!!! read on..

Due to previous work requirement – I had to end up using two mobile numbers. I used to use one for the calls and the other for internet(whatsApp/email etc). From the base few months, I do not have the need to continue with both numbers, I decided to do away with the internet number. But this started a new worry for me… what happens to the groups I own in whatsApp and the chat history. Just thinking of recreating the groups I am a group admin to and the ones .. made me drop the idea to deactivate the internet number.




Finally a little research helped me solve this problem. It’s actually so easy. I wasted too much time procrastinating over how to change whatsApp number and is it worth it. Below are the steps to change the whatsApp registered number

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Tap on “Account”
  3. Tap on “Change Number”
  4. Do as instructed. (Enter your old WhatsApp phone number in the first box and new phone number in the second box )
  5. Tap on “Next”.

That’s It… No more keeping two numbers anymore!!!!

Warning : The steps below will swap your new account with the new account. You will have to inform your contacts of the change in number. In the groups you are a member – you will see that you have been added and then removed. For the other members in the group – they will see that you have been removed and a new number was added.
All your account settings, groups, profile, and chat history will now be registered with your new account.

Pros of making this change 🙂: My account service expiration now shows November 12, 2014. So my subscription of the whatsApp account has been extended for another year.

The official whatsApp site did provide the details.. but were not so easily understandable (to me at least) Here is the link if you want to try your hand at it.  How can I change my WhatsApp phone number?